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Our story

Quotation marks representing a quote from the founder of Perks

Feeling safe is important to all of us at the end of the day.

Perks Founder
Guntis Zoldners

Photo of Perks founder Guntis Zoldners

​After more than 16 years of work in the Baltic insurance market and losing faith in the flagships of the industry, we decided to go our own way, founding a new insurance brokerage with the aim of providing everyone with the protection (policy) they actually need.

As the Perks team, we gather industry professionals who keep up with current events every day, we defend the interests of our clients, and we advise regardless of the time of day to help find stability when an accident occurs.

Our mission is to help everyone navigate the labyrinths of insurance by openly sharing our accumulated knowledge. We believe that with our work, we can significantly raise the quality of services in the industry and bring a sense of security to your home as well.

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