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​Perks - Your guide
through insurance mazes

3 outlines of people representing workers insurance

​Employee insurance

​An investment that improves the quality of life and loyalty of employees, as well as contributes to the company's competitiveness.

Transport Insurance

Transportation insurance

​Significantly reduces worries and expenses for vehicle users.

Property insurance


​Safety cushion in the event of unforeseen losses when movable or immovable property is damaged.

Liability insurance

​Civil liability insurance

​Reimburses expenses when liability to cover losses to a third party arises.

Construction risk insurance

Construction risk insurance

​Construction risk insurance provides financial protection against unplanned expenses and risks that could affect the outcome or deadlines of a construction project.

Insurance of other risks

Other types
of insurance

We can do a lot. If you do not find the type of insurance you're looking for in the groups mentioned above, feel free to ask. Let's find a solution!

​Reviews of Perks

Andrejs Zeltiņš

Car park and store manager
Gemoss LTD
Gemoss logo

​Perks is strong in its field. We've worked with various insurance companies and brokers, but no one has done it the way Perks goes into solving problems.

On a daily basis, we encounter many tricky situations, which Perks always solves without any issues.

It must be said honestly that Perks brokers sometimes know much more about the fleet than we ourselves. They always monitor, remind, organize and offer the best solution.

Kāpēc brokeris?
Why an insurance broker?

​Why use a broker?

​Why work with
insurance brokers?

An insurance broker freely navigates the offers of insurance companies, follows industry news and is able to offer the most suitable insurance solution for each client. A broker is the only one in the insurance industry who can compare the offers of all insurance companies and give recommendations.


It is difficult to find a profession similar to that of an insurance broker. If we had to, we would say that an insurance broker is a translator who translates complex texts into understandable language. A teacher who teaches you how the policy works and helps you understand the rules. A broker is a tailor who finds the right clothes and fits them exactly on the body. A broker is a 24/7 switchboard that will do everything in its power to support the customer when disaster strikes. A broker is like a strict supervisor who keeps track of policy deadlines and reminds you in time when the policy will have to be renewed.

How much will it cost?

The broker service does not cost anything extra. The policy price is determined by the insurance company. It includes the remuneration for the distribution of the policy, which is received by the policy issuer (an employee of the insurance company or a broker).

​Why doesn't everyone have their own broker?

​It is the force of habit and unfamiliarity that deters you from using the service of an insurance broker.

​Why trust a broker when choosing a policy?

Really, it takes no more than 30 minutes to familiarize yourself with the terms of the policy and find the lowest insurance premium. However, without legal education or extensive experience in the insurance environment, you cannot thoroughly delve into the offer or understand the thought hidden between the lines.

After 14 years of work in the insurance industry, we can honestly say that those who do not choose the services of an insurance broker are often, without realizing it, burdened with unnecessary additional services, they do not receive human support in the event of an accident, and they end up overpaying.

Trust us. We'll make the complicated simple. Let's find a solution that will fit like a glove. We'll be your guide through the insurance maze.

​Choose Perks and get:

An outline of a hand representing a guide through the insurance maze

A valuable advisor who is not afraid to be frank.

Graphic for simple comparison of multiple insurance policies

​Clear and understandable comparisons of offers.

An image representing the help you will receive in the event of an insurance claim

A reliable partner who will defend your interests in the event of an insurance event.

Perks logo white

​How do we work?

  1. ​We learn about the client's wishes, possibilities and previous experience. We help define the necessary insurance solution.

  2. We collect the options available on the market that meet the client's needs.

  3. We prepare a transparent comparison of the offers, clearly reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of each.

  4. We advise, explain and once again make sure that we have found the best solution.

  5. When the choice is made, we prepare the policy. We answer all questions about how to use the policy, again emphasizing the essentials.

  6. If an accident has occurred, we explain what to do. We provide support for applying for compensation.​

  7. We follow up on the claimed compensation case, making sure that the insurance company acts sufficiently quickly and fairly. If necessary, we intervene.​

  8. We monitor the terms of the client's policies and remind them in time to update their insurance policies.

Kā mēs strādājam?

Our story

An image representing a quote

​Safety measures are not an accident. Take care of your safety today, so that tomorrow's difficulties do not stop you.

Perks Founder
Guntis Zoldners
Photo of Perks founder Guntis Zoldners

After 14 years of working in the insurance industry and realizing that we could provide more, we decided to go our own way, founding a new insurance brokerage with the aim of providing everyone exactly what they need.


As the​ Perks team, we gather industry professionals to work alongside us, who keep up with current affairs every day, share their accumulated knowledge and help find stability when an accident occurs.

Our mission is to help everyone navigate the insurance labyrinth. We believe that with our work, we can make your life safer.

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