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Transportation insurance

​Passenger cars, vans, buses, and many other specialized vehicles are important tools for companies to operate stably and to be able to perform their tasks safely.

It should be taken into account that sooner or later technical units will cause a lot of worries and unexpected expenses. Transport insurance is one of the largest and most active insurance fields. Naturally, in this segment, where there are countless offers, we receive the most requests to help.

When an accident occurs, there is great anxiety and often the victim makes illogical decisions under its influence, which significantly affects the possibility of later receiving the desired insurance compensation. A knowledgeable and most importantly approachable broker will be your advantage when the unexpected happens.

The Perks team of professionals will be your ally throughout the entire insurance cycle, starting with the exact identification of your needs and ending with assistance when an insurance event occurs.

OCTA Insurance


OCTA insurance covers costs related to damage to third-party property or injured persons involved in an accident.

KASKO Insurance


KASKO insurance covers damages in the event of damage to your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault.

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