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Property insurance

Regardless of whether it is an office, a production plant, a hydroelectric power plant, a railway or a pier in a port, it needs to be carefully and adequately protected so that when the x hour arrives, it would be possible to receive support and continue on the started path.

It should be mentioned that it is possible to insure not only real estate, but also goods, stocks, inventory, raw materials, unearned profits and provide protection in case of business interruption, without losing the opportunity to pay employees salaries, make tax and credit payments.

Property insurance requires the most thorough investigation. Each property, although it seems self-evident to the client, is not always understandable and familiar to others. We often encounter that when asking questions, essential information about the insured object is revealed, which must be specifically included in the policy, so that no controversial situations arise.

In the event of an insurance event, inaccurate or incomplete information may be decisive for the amount of compensation to be paid. This is not at all in the interests of us and our customers, so we literally interrogate our customers in a good way. The countless questions about seemingly insignificant things (chimney material, materials used in construction, roofing, etc.) allow you to create an accurate policy that will be worth its weight in gold if the property has turned into a mess.

Customers are unable to objectively assess the true value of their property because they have not experienced its destruction. Given the low prices in property insurance, it is mistakenly assumed that this issue does not require much attention. This is a gross mistake! We receive much more questions and interest about 10,000 EUR car KASKO policies than about 100,000 EUR property insurance owned by the same people. Think about it!

The Perks team of professionals will be your ally throughout the entire insurance cycle, starting with the exact identification of your needs and ending with assistance when an insurance event occurs.

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