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Civil Liability Insurance

​When we do business, we do it with noble goals, but there are many responsibilities and they can come without us noticing. Ignorance or attribution of blame to an unknown circumstance will not absolve responsibility.

Claims, unexpected developments and unforeseen expenses. All this can slow down the company's progress towards the goal and cause unnecessary experiences. Most people have no idea that it is possible to protect themselves from a large part of these risks with civil liability insurance.

Construction scaffolding collapses in a strong wind, smashing the 3rd person's car, the accounting company made incorrect calculations for which the SRS punishes, the designer incorrectly calculated the structural loads and the cracks in the building, the car service worker did not screw the tire all the way or a foreign body was left in the engine, which irreversibly damaged the vehicle. These are just some of the countless cases that we deal with on a daily basis and that we help to solve with the help of insurance.

No one is safe from mistakes and misfortunes, but you can be protected from their consequences with civil liability insurance.

The Perks team of professionals will be your ally throughout the entire insurance cycle, starting with the exact identification of your needs and ending with assistance when an insurance event occurs.

Professional liability insurance

​Professional civil liability insurance

​Will protect the entrepreneur from compensation costs caused by error or negligence. This policy will cover expenses for rescue work, medical treatment, legal services, moral damages, lost profits, etc.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance

Will protect a private individual from compensation for unintentionally caused damage to someone else's health or property.

This policy can protect against damages caused by you as a bicyclist, pedestrian, property owner, pet keeper, or damage caused by a minor child, for example.

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