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Health insurance for students

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Health insurance for residence permit

For obtaining a residence permit in the territory of the Schengen member states.

Emergency medical expenses incurred in the Republic of Latvia or in the territory of other member states of the Schengen Agreement on Emergency Medical Assistance due to an acute, life-threatening deterioration of health due to a sudden illness, sudden exacerbation of the chronic disease, or as a result of an accident are reimbursed if such expenses are not covered by a European health insurance card or in accordance with other regulatory enactments.


Personal health insurance

To reduce personal health expenses while staying in Latvia.


The insurance coverage provides for co-financing various medical services for treating illness or injuries throughout Latvia. The complete list of services, exceptions, and pricing can be found in the program description.

How to use insurance?

 Health insurance for residence permit 

Submit policy at The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs


If acute, life-threatening deterioration of health occurs contact the Insurance company to submit documents needed for reimbursement of related expenses.


 Personal health insurance 


Open your preferred application store -


Find and download Seesam Health Latvia app

Picture 1.png


Login wtih Your policy number and Latvian ID


Whenever You book an appointment with a doctor inform them that you have personal health insurance and show your insurance card with  app.


Get a discount within policy terms if you receive medical care in institutions that have an agreement with the insurance company (list of institutions, click here). Or submit a claim with the app and get reimbursed.

 With App you can – 
  • Access your insurnace card

  • Submit new claims

  • Follow reimbursment process

  • Access description and terms of policy

When seeking medical help with your health insurance, here are some important steps to remember:

Before receiving medical help with your health insurance, here are some important steps to remember:
Review your health insurance policy with the coverage details, including what services are covered. 

When making an appointment with a doctor let them know that you have health insurance.

Take your identification document - ID card or passport when visiting a doctor. It helps verify your identity and assures the registration process.

If you choose a doctor who is not on the list, you’ll need to pay the bill upfront and then file a claim on the Seesam mobile application.

With the Seesam Health Insurance app You can easily attach pictures of invoices and other documents to claim.

Important to know!

The insurance policy does not cover all medical costs. For full disclosure read coverage with insured risks and the exclusions.

Health insurance coverage can vary significantly. Before considering an insurance plan (program) review the terms and conditions.

Personal health insurance cannot be canceled or terminated.

 Talk to us, we are here to help:


 or call us 

+371 2 799 33 44

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I know when going to a medical facility?

Before receiving the service, the health insurance card via app must be presented at the reception of the medical facility or to the medical staff together with an identity document.


How do I know if my health insurance pays for the services I need?

Information about all services covered by health insurance is in the description of the health insurance program, which can be viewed in the  SEESAM app. You can also check with the medical facility when booking an appointment if your insurance covers the service.


How to apply for insurance compensation?

You can apply for insurance reimbursement with SEESAM health insurance application. Download the application - App Store, Google Play, or App Gallery.


How to receive compensation if you have paid for the medical service yourself?

For services where you have paid with your own funds, you need to submit receipt and doctor's referral on our mobile application.


What documents must be submitted to receive compensation?

Documents provided by the medical facility, check or strict accounting receipt, where the received service is described.


How do I cancel a health insurance policy?


Can I acquire a personal health insurance policy before receiving residence permit?

The purchased health insurance policy cannot be canceled or terminated.

No. To get insurance Latvian ID is needed.


What are the benefits of personal health insurance?

Get compensated or co-financed medical care. Access Latvian medical care and get necessary treatments in cases of illness and accidents.

  • Doctor’s consultations, medical specialists including high-qualification specialists

  • Common laboratory tests and diagnostic examinations are included.

  • Common doctors’ procedures and manipulations are included.

  • Easy-to-use mobile application to manage claims.

What to do to get necessary treatment?

 Health insurance for   residence 

Go to hospital or dial 112

Ask for original invoice from hospital

Submit original invoice to Insurance company Compensa homepage:

What to do to get necessary treatment?

 Personal Health   Insurance 

Contact Medical facility - Clinic

Ask if they accept Seesam Insurance


Show your Health insurance card in app


Pay by yourself

Submit a claim with mobile application

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