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Your guide through the insurance labyrinth

How to choose an insurance broker?

Free of charge

Yes, indeed! The insurance broker service will cost you nothing.

The policy price is determined by the insurance company. It includes the remuneration for the distribution of the policy, which is received by the policy issuer: an employee of the insurance company or a broker.

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Industry experts

The Perks team lives and breathes the insurance industry. Not only will we be able to give you the best advice and offer on the insurance solution that suits you best, but we will be the first to be your support within a call away.

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A helper when you need it most!

When an insurance event occurs, we will be the first to stand up for your interests and defend them with all the knowledge and resources available to us. Get started now - with a Perks insurance broker.

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Want to know more?

Thank you! We will be in touch very soon!

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Our expertise

Outline of 3 people representing employee health insurance

Employees' insurance

An investment that improves the quality of life and loyalty of employees, as well as contributes to the company's competitiveness.

drawn cars representing transport insurance, KASKO and OCTA

Transportation insurance

Significantly reduces worries and expenses for vehicle users.

several simple drawings depicting property insurance


Security cushion in case of unexpected loss when movable or immovable property is damaged.

a gavel representing liability insurance

Liability insurance

Reimburses expenses when liability to cover losses to a third party arises.

A viral image is drawn to represent COVID-based insurance


The pandemic has inevitably disrupted our daily lives and changed the way we think about security. We will explain in an understandable way about the insurance tools to help you through this challenging time.

three dots representing other types of insurance

Other types of insurance

We can do a lot. If you do not find the type of insurance you're looking for in the groups mentioned above, feel free to ask. Let's find a solution!

Security measures are not an accident. Take care of your safety today, so that tomorrow's difficulties do not stop you.

Perks Founder
Guntis Zoldners

Photo of Perks founder Guntis Zoldners

After 16 years of working in the insurance industry and realizing that we could provide more, we decided to go our own way, founding a new insurance brokerage with the aim of providing everyone exactly what they need.


As the​ Perks team, we gather industry professionals to work alongside us, who keep up with current affairs every day, share their accumulated knowledge and help find stability when an accident occurs.

Our mission is to help everyone navigate the insurance labyrinth. We believe that with our work, we can make your life safer.

16 years of industry experience

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Perks Insurance Broker.

Your guide through insurance mazes

+371 26 668 558 — — Dārzciema iela 60, Rīga

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