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Employee health insurance

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​What do customers say about us?

Ervins Grīnfelds


​TestDevLab LTD has been cooperating with Perks since its foundation and we are very satisfied with the cooperation.

Perks stands out for its individual approach to our insurance needs and professionalism in the insurance industry as well as being able to advise on the most advantageous solutions in difficult situations.


In addition, I would like to emphasize that PERKS' assistance does not end with the creation of a policy, but the company is able to provide continuous assistance and advice at any time when necessary.

TestDevLab logo

Uģis Kalniņš
Board Member and Manager

​I have been working with the founder of Perks, Guntis Zoldners, for more than 10 years, and the main reason is the preparation of a quality offer and support throughout the insurance period.


From my point of view, time is very expensive and should not be wasted. That's why I always discuss with Guntis what the company needs and I receive edited insurance offers from him, exactly in line with the company's needs. All types of insurance are put together in a transparent comparison, which saves time in the evaluation of offers from insurers, thus it is easy to make a decision.

When an insurance event occurs, support is provided until the case is closed. If someone asks for an insurance broker, I always recommend Perks!

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Andrejs Zeltiņš
Car park and farm manager

Perks is strong in its field. We've worked with various insurance companies and brokers, but no one has done it the way Perks goes into solving problems.

On a daily basis, we encounter many tricky situations, which Perks always solves without any issues.

It must be said honestly that Perks brokers sometimes know much more about the fleet than we ourselves. They always monitor, remind, organize and offer the best solution.

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Why is employee health insurance necessary?

​Employee health insurance is a smart investment that relieves the private health expenses of employees, builds loyalty, and significantly improves the company's competitiveness.


Take care of the company's most important asset – employees!

Darbinieku veselības apdrošināšanas bezmaksas konsultācija

Health Insurance

Assurance that, if necessary, your employee will receive timely and high-quality health care.

Accident insurance

It is good to know that in the event of an accident, the victim and his relatives will receive financial support.

Critical illness insurance

​A preventive tool to reduce the financial consequences of facing a serious illness.

Policy Construction

If you do not find what you are looking for or you need a special solution, feel free to ask. Let's help!

Receive a personalized offer

​Free and without obligation

Difficulty trying on your own

Benefits of working with Perks

Without Perks

​Looking for the most suitable policy for yourself is tiring. There is also no assurance that the solution found will be the right one.

Client's words:

"We explained our wishes to several insurers. They didn't seem to fully understand them. Someone even tried to sell us coverage that we didn't need."

With Perks

The broker helps to define what is needed, offers several policy options, and explains the nuanced differences.

Client's words:

​"In response to the broker's questions, we received a comparison with all the insurers' offers on the market suitable for us. Next, the broker helped to choose the best option."

Without Perks

The company buys the policy, but it's not popular among the employees.

Client's words:

"As an employee, I have an insurance policy, but I don't fully understand how and where it can be used. I'm also afraid to ask, so as not to look like a fool."

With Perks

Employees speak positively about the company's insurance policy and actively use it.

Client's words:

"A concise instruction manual for the policy was prepared, which the broker presented to the employees in person. The broker is always available for questions about the policy."

Without Perks

Gadiem tiek strādāts ar vienu un to pašu apdrošinātāju, kura piedāvājums būtiski nemainās.

Client's words:

"The existing insurance policy provides less and less benefits every year - the prices of services have grown considerably, but the policy coverage has not kept up with it. There are many services in the policy that nobody really uses."

With Perks

The broker helps to improve the existing policy every year - to include exactly what is needed and discard the excess.

Client's words:

​"By analyzing the existing policy, the broker managed to replace some of the services that no one uses with more effective and popular offers."

Without Perks

The employee has a policy, but if something happens, you have to figure it out yourself.

Client's words:

"My stomach hurt acutely. I went to the doctor, who ordered an operation. After that, he himself had to pay a considerable amount, of which the insurer, unfortunately, paid back only a part."

With Perks

The broker is approachable and proactively involved in solving the problem.

Client's words:

"I contacted a broker who helped to coordinate the coverage of the operation's expenses based on the policy coverage. It was recommended to use a letter of guarantee, which allowed the operation to be carried out without involving private funds."

Receive a personalized offer

​Free and without obligation

Employees are the company's most important asset.

​Employee insurance has now become an integral form of additional remuneration. It is undeniably difficult to choose the most appropriate and beneficial policy for your employees.

This is where we, Perks brokers, come to the rescue. We observe the rules and product content every day, we know them well and are able to point out the essential differences.

The Perks team of professionals will be your ally throughout the entire insurance cycle, starting with the exact identification of your needs and continuing with assistance when an insurance event occurs.

Darbinieku veselības apdrošināšana

Apply for a free consultation!

Get the best and cheapest insurance offer created for you!

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